​​About Us

A. W. Stiles founded the company that bears his name in 1976. His son Tommy Stiles was always by his side working and learning. The company started out by specializing in coating kilns. However, as time went by, the company started doing more and more in the lumber drying industry. Through the years, A.W. Stiles Contractors have done everything imaginable to the dry kilns, from complete kiln rebuilds, disassembling and relocating kilns and boiler systems,  and manufacturing and erecting new kilns.  While A.W. enjoys his retirement, Tommy  has taken over as President of the company, where he is joined by his brother, Tony Stiles, nephew, Lee Stiles, and wife, Christie Stiles.   Tommy turned the company's main focus on being a complete aftermarket repair service for all of the lumber drying needs of their customers.  However, the customers continued to enquire about "New Builds."  Realizing they were missing out on business opportunities, A.W. Stiles Contractors pushed to market the "Manufacture and Installation" of new lumber dry kilns.  Today, A.W. Stiles Contractors can provide a turn key project for all of your lumber drying needs.  From things as simple as coating kilns, to complete rebuilds, to building some brand new kilns, we will gladly take a look at your projects.  

As drying processes have continued to change, so have we. In years past, the highest percentage of mills manufactured primarily Oak. Today, diversity rules, especially in regard to wood species. As we all know, it's an ever-changing industry. While there are still a few companies that manufacture one species of lumber, most have diversity in their product and in their dry kiln and predryer needs. If your kilns were built 20 years ago for slow and easy Oak drying, and you are now drying Maple or Poplar, you're probably costing yourself days per kiln charge, by not updating your kilns. By installing the proper amount of vents, heat and wind-flow, your drying time per charge can be dramatically reduced, and the lumber can be much brighter and more attractive for customers. A.W. Stiles Contractors has the experience, knowledge and manpower to relocate, repair or modify kilns for whatever their customers need.  Most times, kilns can be rebuilt much cheaper than they can be replaced.  Other times, new builds are more economical.  We now provide either option.  

A.W. Stiles Contractors is the aftermarket specialist for the hardwood industry. With over 45 full time employees, the A.W. Stiles team can cover a lot of ground and quickly complete the total job. We have worked in states all across this country and our customer list grows from coast to coast each year in both the hardwood and softwood lumber industries. With nearly 40 years of experience, A.W. Stiles Contractors has gained the trust and respect of the lumber industry. Long term and repeated customers are only obtained by quality work, knowledge, and ability to complete the project. In our close-knit industry, most everybody seems to know everybody else, and word spreads about who does a good job. We are proud of the fact that most of our new customers come from referrals from existing customers. We continue to strive to make sure that each customer is satisfied with the work we do. 

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