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Protective Coatings

Steel structures, masonry and mortar joints, even thin aluminum sheeting, without the proper coatings, will fail in a conventional lumber dry kiln. Coating schedules vary depending on species dried, number of conditioning cycles per year, green or pre dried lumber. We can assist you with setting up a coating schedule anytime.  

Cleaned and coated with fibered aluminum kiln coater.  We worked with a manufacturer to specially develop this product for spray coating lumber dry kilns. We will gladly provide you with a turn key coating project, or we can supply the materials and let you take care of the labor. Keeping your kilns coated is one of the biggest preventative maintenance measure you can take as an owner.  

We also offer concrete floor coating. Pending the current state of your kilns floors, we may be able to provide you with a coating that will help reduce the aging of your floors. However, the best time to begin proper floor care is when the kiln is new.