Energy Efficient Upgrades

Added wall insulation-  Increased R-Value= energy savings 

Heating Capacity-  Get to temp quicker, and stay up to set point when power venting

Added Wind Flow-  Oak designed kilns converted to dry poplar and maple faster

Venting Capacity/Power Vents-  Vent faster on wood such as poplar.  Shorter kiln turnover

Variable Frequency Drives-  Energy consumption reduced when full load not needed

Converting shaft driven kilns to direct drive- No more walking on roofs to fill oil cups and           changing bearings.  More wind flow in the kilns  

Added R-Value to kilns.  Can be applied to both aluminum or masonry kilns.  1", 2", or even 3" added to walls and covered with corrugated aluminum sheeting.  

Energy Efficient Upgrades

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