• Heating Capacity-  Get to temp quicker, and stay up to set point when power venting
  • Added Wind Flow-  Oak designed kilns converted to dry poplar and maple faster
  • Venting Capacity/Power Vents-  Vent faster on wood such as poplar.  Which will result in increased kiln throughput.
  • Variable Frequency Drives-  Energy consumption reduced when full load not needed
  • Converting shaft driven kilns to direct drive- No more walking on roofs to fill oil cups and changing bearings. Plus more wind flow throughout the kiln.​

Energy Efficient Upgrades

​​Added polyiso board insulation will increase R-Value to kilns.

In the photos below we added polyiso board insulation and corrugated exterior wall sheeting to help our customers tired old masonary kilns be more efficient. Can be applied to both aluminum or masonry kilns.  1", 2", or even 3" added to walls and covered with corrugated aluminum sheeting. 

Other energy efficient upgrades include:

Reskins of existing kilns:
A reskin consists of removing the existing kiln panels and replacing with new interior stainless or aluminum sheeting, 3” of polyiso board insulation & exterior corrugated aluminum wall sheeting. In the photos below we removed the existing fan motors from the roof of the kiln, existing roof panels & existing wall panels. We installed new fan shaft assemblies that exited through the side wall, stainless full length roof panels, interior stainless wall sheeting, 3” of polyiso board insulation, corrugated aluminum exterior wall sheeting and new catwalk system.

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